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Kids Grace Foster Care Agency provides a  safe and loving homes for At-Risk children who need them for a season or forever. At Kids Grace Child, we believe the first placement is the best placement, which is why we take such care to match children with foster families who are best able to meet their needs. There are different levels of care in many of our homes and location, and varying lengths of stay for different placement situations.

Different Types of Foster Care to be Aware of

Traditional Foster Care: Most often this is the first level of foster care for children who are not able to remain at home because of unsafe parenting or home environments. Reuniting children with families is a primary focus of the team, and there are frequent family visits during this time. Sibling groups and younger children are commonly referred to this level of care while their parents work on resolving the issues that led to the foster care placement. 

Therapeutic Foster Care: Many children who enter KidsPeace Foster Care have endured intense trauma and are in need of counseling and/or medication in addition to safe, nurturing homes. It is not uncommon for children who have experienced or witnessed physical, emotional or psychological abuse to act out their emotions even after they are removed from dangerous situations. Our therapeutic foster care program trains qualified foster parents to understand and respond to these challenging behaviors so the youth can grow and thrive. We work closely with local departments of social services to ensure safety, well-being and permanency for our children. There is 24-hour on-call support, and placements can also be made around the clock.

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We are a team of State trained case mangers and social workers that establish personal relationships and offers every kind of support needed for each child and family that  we assist and manage.It is our goal and mission to change the lives of every child and family we come in contact with for a life changing alterative for making a difference. Our mission is to put the family first and make them our sole priority.

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We love our foster parents and all of the families that are apart of the process of transition into their new families and lives.

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